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"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."       E. Hemingway


Starting from a family-run business of hand embroidery we expanded in 40 years to a 2.0 industrial company with more than 20 employees. We managed to grow and innovate, without losing the flavour and the passion of the family company we were born from, and we have come to industrialize the production process, while maintaining the same artisan passion for embroidery over time, which is the basis of our craft.


We strive every day to give our customers the widest range of possible workings, from embroidery in all its variants and variations to the application of rhinestones, sequins, beads and chains, from laser engravings and cuts to the realization of matelassé and patchwork, from the use of mignons, tapes and trimmings to elasticized embossing, from heat sealing to pleating.
But our creativity has no limits, just like yours.
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Our daily mission is to assist our customers and their creative needs by providing ideas and inspiration, reducing production costs, finding solutions to have the highest quality in the fastest times and with the least effort.
What do we have in common with you? We always aim for excellence.


Last but not least our effort and commitment lies in the creation of unique objects and manufactures, which reflect our passion. We recognize ourselves in your creations and, in some way, we feel as if they were also a bit ours.
From the graphic department to production, from quality control to logistics, from accounting to sales department, we are on your side, every day
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